TDA Proposal

Terra Dacica Aeterna is interested in taking part in various events focused on presentations of history, such as:

  • a. Reenactment festivals or city days. Terra Dacica Aeterna organizes for such events: -parades through the city (according to the itinerary set by the organizers) – presentations of Dacian, Roman, and Sarmatian equipment (history, outlook, functionality) – reenactment show according to a preset scenery. It includes fighting, religious rituals – specific Dacian, Roman, and Sarmatian camps. In these camps we can organize workshops with the public. Visitors can take part in the making of objects during blacksmith, pottery, leather working, and weaving workshops. They will also have the chance to play Roman games, to taste food prepared according to ancient recipes, or to try on pieces of ancient fighting equipment in order to discover fighting techniques. 
  • b. “Living History classes”. The concept was first implement in Romania by our association; Terra Dacica Aeterna takes part in schools in the teaching of classes on ancient history. Our members deliver PowerPoint-type presentations on general ancient history or specific aspects of it (such as ancient crafts, military technique, architecture, dress, social life), completed by the association’s recreated items that will be brought along to the school for the occasion. The pupils will have the opportunity to manipulate replicas of ancient objects, finding out all the data connected to them. Those interested can try on the costumes and certain fighting techniques can be attempted under the strict supervision of the association’s members.
  • c. Thematic camps. Following the pattern of the thematic camps organized in Costesti starting with June 15th 2010 (see chapter II. General History), Terra Dacica Aeterna can take part in camps organized by the authorities. In Costesti, or on other sites adapted to youth camps, members of our association can be present for several days. Pupils will be able to see live and touch various replicas of ancient objects. They will learn ancient crafts, creating objects themselves, and will become knowledgeable on ancient weapons and military techniques. We can organize bow shooting and lance throwing workshops, as well as others focused on ancient games; the pupils can become involved in various competitions that will develop their competition spirit and will raise their interest in ancient history. At the same time, in case ancient historical sites are located in the area, members of Terra Dacica Aeterna can organize guided tours at those sites.
  • d. “Team-Building”-type events. Having previous experience in this field, Terra Dacica Aeterna can offer participants to such events the possibility to walk in the shoes of ancient characters during several hours. Participants will be able to try on ancient costumes, taste food prepared according to ancient recipes, take part in various everyday activities and mock battles. In fact, those present will be able to live the usual experience of TDA members.
  • e. Creation of replicas of ancient objects. Members of the association can create, on demand, replicas of various ancient objects (items of civilian or military dress and equipment, tools, weapons etc.). For such orders, please use our association’s contact details.
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