TERRA DACICA AETERNA has the headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, the city where it was founded on June 1st 2007. Since 2013, the association has two branches, in Deva and Constanta. On a central level, its activity is coordinated by the EXECUTIVE BOARD with the following structure:

  •  HONONARY PRESIDENT (Paul Cheptea),
  • PRESIDENT: (Lucian Panov)
  • Three VICEPRESIDENTS (Cosmin Duduc, Stefania Sasarman si Mugur Pop) si
  • One SECRETARY (Alma Maria Colcea).

The Executive Board

  • Dribalus Dribalus Lucian Panov
  • Zyraxes Zyraxes Cosmin Duduc
  • Drauca Drauca Stefania Sasarman
  • Gerula Gerula Mugur Pop

Each branch has its own president, i.e. Paul Olar in Deva.

The association consists of three “rival” groups: Dacians, Romans, and Sarmatians. Each group is coordinated by a field commander:

  • Cristian Radoi leads The Dacians,
  • Radu Muresan leads The Romans,
  • Laura Candea is the leader of The Sarmatians.
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