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TERRA DACICA AETERNA is the first association in Romania which addresses the reenactment related with the ancient period. Historical reenactment is a way through which the history is literally “re-lived” by manufacturing clothing, weapons, tools, households, which the reenactment enthusiasts (re-enactors) use during some moments more or less directed. Manufacturing the equipment is done by studying historical sources relating to the period of time that needs to be “revived” so that everything is as close to the reality of those times as it can be.

The historical period chosen by us to be presented to the public is the one in which military conflicts took place between the Dacians, Romans and Sarmatians, which approximately accounts for the period between the 1st century BC to the 2nd century AD. As a result, three main groups are present within the association: the Dacians, the Romans and the Sarmatians. Aside from these groups, the equipment of some of the allies of these peoples have been recreated within the association, such as the the Celts, the Boers, the Plamyrens, the Batavians. Moments are re-enacted from the military history of these peoples as well as from the civil or religious life.

Currently, Terra Dacica Aeterna has about 70 members from all over the country. The official seat of the association is in Cluj Napoca, and two subsidiaries have been established in Bucharest and Deva.

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