In this section you can find the different equipments in the property of the Terra Dacica Aeterna association (used as stage props).

You can thus find out the similarities and differences, the advantages and drawbacks that the various items had.

  • a. Military

  • Romanballista, galea, lorica, subarmalis, cingulum, pillum, gladius, puggio, scutum, sarcina, caligae, vexillum


  • Dacian – helmet, armor, belt, lance, spear, sword, falx, sica, shield, draco


  • Sarmatians – helmet, armor, belt, lance, spade, knife, shield, bow & arrows, flag

  • b.Civilian

  • Roman – tunica, toga (pallium), stola, palla, braca, calcei, jewelry items
  • Dacian – shirt, trousers, mantles, pilaeus, shoes, belt, jewelry items


  • Sarmatian – shirt, trousers, boots, belt, jewelry items


  • c.Camp – tents, racks, workshops, illumination, altar
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