During TDA shows, we will present several demonstrations in order to inform the public on the art, religious beliefs, military skills, and technical knowledge of ancient populations that inhabited this territory. Among the different demonstrative moments that our association organizes, one can mention:

  • Ancient music Using instruments employed during Antiquity and playing music inspired by that of the ancient era. 
  • Initiation of a Dacian warrior In ancient societies, reaching maturity was a key moment in one’s life, especially for a future warrior.
  • Sending a messenger to Zalmoxis Moment described by Herodotus, the Father of History – under preparation.
  • Challenge for leadership among Dacian/Sarmathian warriors The method through which it was ensured, in ancient societies, that warriors were under the command of the strongest in that society.
  • Consecration of a Roman banner Ceremony performed by a Roman pontifex, so that the legion would be under the best of auspices during the subsequent battle.


  • Dacian, Roman, or Sarmatian military tactics Differences and similarities between the fighting methods of these ancient populations. The development of Dacian, Sarmatian and Roman armies from warrior tribes to aristocratic privileges, mandatory military service and professional armies, thus becoming efficient war machines. The workshop introduces to the public elements of ancient military conflicts by presenting fighting techniques and equipments, reconstructing battle formations, and enacting different fighting techniques with these pieces of equipment.
  • Military demonstrations: the tensions between the fighting groups are released during spontaneous, preset fights among the members of the three groups of historical reenactment inside the association, on the basis of previously established scripts and choreographies. 
  • Roman training Instructions, marching fully packed, different techniques that made the Roman army the most successful army of Antiquity 
  • Roman engineering Design and construction of certain structures by using ancient methods – under preparation
  • Funeralia The moment when the deceased steps into the afterlife, with the different rituals involved 
  • Matrimonium The Roman wedding ceremony– under preparation
  • Ancient theater plays – under preparation
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