Creative workshops and working with the public

Workshops play a significant role in TERRA DACICA AETERNA’s shows; during such workshops, the Dacians, Romans, and Sarmatians in the association try to replicate various ancient objects employing the techniques of those times. The public takes part in all related activities and can thus find out more, in an entertaining manner, about arts and crafts in Antiquity. We can currently organize the following workshops:

  • Dacian and Roman cooking

        It helps the participants understand and appreciate Dacian, Roman, and Sarmatian cooking, with its tastes and aromas, ingredients and means of preparation, reconstructing the gastronomic culture of the ancient civilization and representing the preferences in taste and consumption of the three civilizations mentioned above.

  •  Blacksmithing

         Provides an understanding of the complexity of the iron working technology, of the way in which physical force and knowledge must be combined with art in order to produce iron objects for daily activities, decorations, weapons etc.


  •  Metalworking

        Processing non-ferrous metals in the creation of replicas of jewelry items. Presentation of the different models of jewels and their production techniques.



  • Weaving

Brings into the spotlight historical costumes and their role in the development of ancient society. During this activity, the participants will study the types of textiles and materials that ancient society used in making clothes and costumes, the role costumes played in the differentiation among the social classes, the colors employed etc.


  • Pottery

The participants are encouraged to rediscover the past and history, and to develop, at the same time, their creativity and esthetical skills.



  • Leather crafting

Since prehistoric times, man used animal skins in order to fulfill basic needs, from items of dress, shelter, carpets, to defensive pieces of equipment used on the battlefield. The workshop presents the art of processing leather from animal skins during Antiquity on this territory.



  • Ancient games

ORCA, DELTA, ROTA and other games, their history and game instructions.


  • Production of armor

Techniques of joining metal loops in order to create chain mail, the combination of different metal and leather parts in the making of Roman segmentata armor or of Sarmatian armor made of leather scales.



  • Target shooting (bow and arrow, sling, spear, balista)

Techniques of using such weapons, their history and differences in efficiency. 



  • Writing

Different techniques of writing during Antiquity, the materials employed, the alphabets used, and the specific writing tools.



  • Minting – under preparation
  • Painting – under preparation
  • Cosmetics & perfumes – under preparation
  • Mosaic – under preparation




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