What we do

Terra Dacica Aeterna aims at presenting ancient history on the present-territory of Romania. Our methods are unconventional, different from those employed in schools. We believe that history, the way it is taught in schools, is an incompletely adequate way of learning about the past. Thus, our association’s goal is to bring the general public closer to ancient history through experimental archaeology and reenactment. With the aid of experimental archaeology, the members of the association have recreated ancient equipment, tools, and buildings by using, as much as possible, the working methods and tools available during that period.

Through reenactment (an English word lacking an exact equivalent in Romania, the closest term being a synonym of “re-creation”), those objects are used, trying to discover as much data as possible on their functionality. Thus, both us and the public present at our shows, discover pieces of the puzzle that is the ancient history of the Dacians, Romans, and Sarmatians, in a way that stimulates the curiosity and desire to discovery that lies in each of us. History learnt from school can be thus completed through lived history. The experience we gained over these years has taught us that many of those present at our events became really interested in ancient history, an interest that history taught in school did not succeed in stirring.

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