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Muzica romanilor

Posted: 20 Feb 2011, 20:58
by Asaspor
Am fo dată mai ďemult păstă vo cîťeva formațî ce vor a cînta muzîcă romană, cum vi-i să par?

Synaulia is a team of musicians, archeologists, paleorganologists and choreographers dedicated to the application of their historical research to ancient music and dance, in particular to the ancient Etruscan and Roman periods.

Cînťecu-aiesta-mi place cel mai bine, gînďeșťi că mă hipnoťizează:

The Ensemble Musica Romana is bringing sounds of times long past to life again. By research of ancient music and reconstruction of ancient instruments they successfully revive archaic sounds and forgotten melodies.

Re: Muzica romanilor

Posted: 26 Feb 2011, 06:52
by Asaspor
Am fo avută o discuție cu Oroles și alțî ďe muzîca anťică și dăcă hăpt s-o păstrat parťituri...

The earliest form of musical notation can be found in a cuneiform tablet that was created at Nippur, Iraq in about 2000 B.C. The tablet represents fragmentary instructions for performing music, that the music was composed in harmonies of thirds, and that it was written using a diatonic scale. A tablet from about 1250 B.C. shows a more developed form of notation. Although the interpretation of the notation system is still controversial, it is clear that the notation indicates the names of strings on a lyre, the tuning of which is described in other tablets. Although they were fragmentary, these tablets represent the earliest recorded melodies found anywhere in the world.

Notațî muzîcale Sumerieňe ďe pîn 2500 î.Hr.

Un exemplu de muzîcă reconsťituită:

Ancient Greek musical notation was capable of representing pitch and note-duration, and to a limited extent, harmony. It was in use from at least the 6th century BC until approximately the 4th century AD; several complete compositions and fragments of compositions using this notation survive. The notation consists of symbols placed above text syllables. An example of a complete composition is the Seikilos epitaph, which has been variously dated between the 2nd century BC to the 1st century AD. Three hymns by Mesomedes of Crete exist in manuscript. The Delphic Hymns, dated to the 2nd century BC, also use this notation, but they are not completely preserved. Ancient Greek notation appears to have fallen out of use around the time of the Decline of the Roman Empire.

Pťiatra de la Delphi, ce conțîne notațî muzîcale păntru al doilea imn păntru Apollo.

Și cum o vu suna:

Sursa: ... rn_history

The Romans may have borrowed the Greek method of 'enchiriadic notation' to record their music, if they used any notation at all. Four letters (in English notation 'A', 'G', 'F' and 'C') indicated a series of four succeeding tones. Rhythm signs, written above the letters, indicated the duration of each note.

In the art of the period (e.g., the mosaics of Pompeii), none of the musicians are shown reading music, and very few written examples have been discovered.

Even the well-known writings of the late Roman philosopher, Boethius, are more of a treatise on the music of the ancient Greeks rather than a description of contemporary music. The Romans might have tuned their instruments to Greek modes.

Sursa: ... l_notation

Văd că ďe la romaňi nu s-o păstrat nici o parťitură, da să viďem cum își jusťifică muzîca cii ďe la Synaulia:

In the absence of a system of musical notation for the period in question, the reconstruction and study of ancient musical expression was based on comparative studies of iconography, textual analysis, social studies and customs, also drawing from paleorganology, ethnomusicology, archeology and historiography.

The richness of the iconographic documentation, the abundance of tested theories and numerous literary connections facilitated the study and reproduction of a wide range of antique musical instruments, helping to determine, among other points of interest, their melodic and harmonic possibilities and acoustic quality.

Sursa: ... earch_work

Samînă cu ce-am vorbďit noi. Dăcă ai instrumentu, nu-i greu a ďibui cum să folosă și cam cum ar suna.

Re: Muzica romanilor

Posted: 26 Feb 2011, 16:03
by Zoltes
Trebuie sa decodez din cand in cand ceea ce scrii, dar mai convins.:P